The Cedar Benches set up for a ceremony


Our benches can be used for a ceremony or they can be used for seating at a dinner.
Four benches fit at each Large Table (two benches per side)
We have benches in Cedar or Barnwood.

60″ long x 15″ wide x 19″ high
Seats 3 guests maximum
$15 each

Barnwood Benches at a Lake Washington ceremony


We keep a small number of chairs on hand for you to use at head tables, sweetheart tables or for guests with mobility issues.

40 handmade cedar chairs – $15 each
40 barnwood chairs – vineyard x-back with a cream cushion – $15 each
200 Fruitwood barnwood chairs – $7 each

Barnwood Chairs – Vineyard X-back with cream cushion. We have 40 in our inventory.
Fruitwood with cushion, matches barnwood styles.
We have 200 in our inventory.
Cedar Chairs – handmade by us. We have 40 in our inventory.