About us

Azure, in her happy place.

Seattle Farm Tables is Part II of the story of a woodworking family making it happen by running their own small business. Azure grew up learning from her dad, who designed and built beautiful wood jewelry boxes starting in the mid-1980s.

Azure has been building things her whole life. Fortunately the idea that a woman couldn’t do woodwork never occurred to Azure or her parents.

In 2011 Mike and Az decided to get married. Because no companies had wood tables for rent back then (it’s true!) Azure decided to build her own tables from scratch. She and her dad made tables and benches for 170 guests, the same tables and benches we rent out to this day.

Since then, we’ve hand-built over 150 tables in several styles that we continuously maintain. Because we’ve chosen to keep our business small (for the sake of having a good work-life balance), we’re able to give attention to the upkeep of the tables as well as client relations.

Azure occasionally builds pieces on commission.

Azure behind a lobby bar that she built for the Hyatt in Seattle.

About the tablesWe are the original wood table rental company in the Puget Sound area and we maintain the highest quality tables to this day. All materials have been sourced locally. We take pride in the design and quality and are always keeping an eye out for emerging trends, so that wood tables stay relevant long into the future.

Our philosophy – We want our company – and your event – to be as low stress as possible. We operate with honesty and integrity. We show up when we say we will and do what we say we will. We want our employees to be happy to come to work and we want our clients to be happy they worked with us.

At SFT we don’t believe that tables make an event. It’s always the energy and love and fun of the participants that make it what it is and that’s exactly how it should be. We do, however, think the tables are beautiful and special and if you do too, we’d love to be part of your supporting cast.

Azure – is the lead builder and is responsible for keeping the tables fresh. Azure has learned from her father and now solidly considers herself a 2nd generation woodworker. In addition to SFT projects, she is mom to daughter Neige and helps friends build tiny homes or DIY new floors. Her passions include making stuff, fixing stuff, upgrading stuff and traveling.

Az taking a break while building a teahouse.

Mike – runs the office side of SFT. He does all the client relations as well as all of the back end for the business. After graduating UW, where he met Azure, Mike started a window washing business that he kept for 7 years while also coaching high school water polo and traveling in the winters. Currently, Mike still enjoys doing the emails and systems work for SFT while raising a daughter, Neige.

About our delivery crew – We really like the people we hire and we hope that you do too! They are interesting and talented people who are doing really cool things in life (we get lots of nursing students.) And while we know that we can not provide full time employment for people, we hope to provide a fun and supportive environment.

We are always looking for hard-working and friendly people. If you are interested in working for Seattle Farm Tables, send us an email: mike@seattlefarmtables.com

We’re proud of our company: